Thursday, January 29, 2009


The Station by Ileana Ramos is a story of a young woman's journey toward spiritual enlightenment. The traveler is Lily, who is desperately in search of self-development and a closer relationship with God.

The day Lily arrived at the train station, she did not know where to go. She was unhappy with her life and thirsty for the peace of God's Spirit. Along her journey, she meets many characters, both good and evil, and is gently guided by the Spirit toward her final destination.

Lily's journey causes her to be awakened by many new thoughts, ideas, concepts, and actions. At each train stop, Lily learns more about herself and her relationship with God and others. The Station celebrates the unconditional nature of God's love, and taking a ride on the train with Lily in The Station reminds us that we all hold a special place in God's heart--all we must do is invite Him into our lives.


Ileana Ramos is a native of Guatemala City and
became a United States citizen in April 2000. She was prompted to share her faith journey with others, and thus put pen to paper to create The Station. Ileana Ramos currently works as a claim representative for an insurance company. Her interests include traveling, nature, history, fashion, music, and spending time with friends and family. The Station is her first published work.


The Station is interesting and compelling, and I am enjoying reading it. Sarah-Texas

I would like to congratulate you on your book: The Station. I have just read the first 17 chapters and have been in 'awe' for every page. Denise-Ohio

The Station is a great book. I hope everyone reads it. James-Texas

The Station was deeply felt and beautifully constructed. I was intensely moved. Pam-OK

I finished your book. It gave me great inspiration. Judith-Florida

The analogy of the spiritual pilgrimage in a train station theme was very innovative. I was blessed by reading your book. Edna-Ohio

A stimulating excursion into the human spirit. George-California

Conozco a la autora desde hace tantos años que admiro su valentía para narrar el camino que recorrió Lily para encontrar la paz y alegría de vivir. Èste libro ha sido y sigue siendo inspiración en mi vida. Elsie de Guatemala

This is big, beautiful, and important book. I cannot say enough about it. Carol-Ohio

Your book touched my heart with extraordinary hope, authenticity, and beauty. Cindy-MS

The Station, a Journey of Discovery, was richly rewarding. Amanda-Illinois

El libro de Ileana Ramos acompaña al aprendiz que busca a Dios, etapa por etapa de manera didáctica. Es decir que Ileana comparte con el público su camino a la "Fuente". Sheny de Guatemala


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